St Jude Charity 2021

Livestreams, rewards, and donations for an amazing cause!

By Asterisk KatieKat

Every year St Jude partners to host multiple charity events. This year we wanted to get involved with the fundraising too!

If you have any time and money to donate, please take a look!.

Why this year

For the last few years we have watched a number of our favorite content creators work with St Jude. LobosJr has been one of Asters favorites Dark Souls speedrunners for years. Viv loves Markiplier and Jacksepticeye. The one that impacts us most personally though, is of course Matpat of the Game Theorists.

We have been heavily involved in the Game Theorists community for a number of years. First acting as the SubReddit Mod in charge of layout and design. Then ending up the head only active mod. After that the community wanted a new platform, so we started and manage the Official Game Theorists Discord with the help and support of a great team. Eventually we even got linked to as the "official" Discord by MatPat himself!

Every year we have done our best to heavily promote these creators and their streams. We pin links in the subreddit to 440K people. We ping everyone in the Discord server with the links, instantly alerting 25-32k people. This year we wanted to really make our contribution though.

As someone with a number of mental disorders and physical limitations we understand how deeply medical costs can affect people. Charity drives like this ensure that no families receives a bill from St Jude. We know personally how difficult it can be to be financially unstable and need some kind of treatment. We do not believe there is ever any justifiable reason that a child should have to suffer because of this.

How does it work?

For the next two months we will be collecting donations. 100% of the donations collected go to St Jude's through the platform Tiltify which was selected by St Jude. If you donate to our drive, through our link 100% of the money still goes to St Jude. By donating through our link you are just marking your donation as coming through the Official Game Theorists Discord as well! All of your information will still be displayed as the donator. Additionally your donation will also be tagged as being donated too MatPat's official Campaign.

Rewards from our Campaign!

We do have rewards and incentives for this campaign! and we are actively planning more! We will keep this page updated with those rewards (and the tiltify page of course!), but here are some idea's the Game Theory Discord staff have purposed:

  • Donating any amount gets the Donator role in the Official Game Theorists Discord!
  • 4 special tiered donations with unique roles!
  • Game Theory Discord Staff pictures of pets! Who doesn't love a picture of a cute dog or cat?
  • Hall of Donators - A special channel in GTD will be created where every donation is logged and the user is mentioned!
  • Shout-out and Roast on Twitter - GTD has an active Twitter presence too! Donate and we will give your twitter a shout-out and thank you! Or roast you. Your choice!
  • Crowd Control Streams
  • Jackbox group games
  • And so so much more!!

We will have more very soon! So please bookmark and check the tiltify campaign often!



HgMercury has been on the GTD staff for roughly 2 1/2 years and a submod for 6 months. Merc is one of the hardest working and most creative members we have ever worked with. Please make sure to follow caer Twitter and Twitch and check out her St Jude donation page too!

HgMercury's Twitter

HgMercury's Twitch

HgMercury's Tiltify for St Jude



Debs has been on the GTD server staff for about 3 years and a submod for 6 months. She has worked tirelessly on the subreddit and on the Discord Twitter helping to find ways to bring the three platforms together!

Debs Twitch

Debs Tilify for St Jude

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Katie is the Social Protector for the Patchwork Collective and the first Part to start communicating with Aster in early 2021. Most of Katie's System Role revolves around handling social situations, work, and dealing with external strangers. Once the internal walls came down Katie quickly found her interests in research, programming, and writing.

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