How our Brain works

Other Specified Dissociative Disorder [OSDD-1B]

OSDD-1B is a type of Dissociative Disorder and our primary reason and motivation for making this website. We plan on making a longer series all about it! OSDD-1B is what has resulted in our plurality as a Traumagenic System.

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [CPTSD]

C-PTSD has become more widely recognized by doctors in recent years. Recent studies have shown a link between trauma and CPTSD.

Autism Spectrum Disorder [ASD]

Our experience with Autism has varied.

Aster tends to experience much of the social difficulties that ASD is known for. While they are able to speak very fluently and competently when given time to prepare, normal back-and-forth conversations are more difficult.

Katie, Viv and Aster all tend to experience intense and obsessive interests. These interests vary widely between each alter. Recently Viv found a Special Interest in the Nier franchise, Katie in researching Python Test Driven Development, and Aster as always is hyper focused on Notion and organizational methods.

Lastly all of us have some forms of obsessive behavior, most noticeably in the form of stimming. We often hand stim and although Viv is non-verbal they often enjoy vocal stimming!

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder [ADHD]

We often experienced issues focusing and planning even daily activities. We had managed this well for years by forcing strict organizational systems to compensate for these issues. Now that we are in a safer and more healthy place we have started therapy and medication to help manage everything!