Patchbot freely available!

Patchbot a quick Discord Interface for this Site!

By Viv KatieKat

We've produced a lot of helpful articles since the site was created! Articles that help explain Plurality with DID/OSDD, tutorials that teach programming, and a lot more. With more articles coming all the time, some places have found linking our articles a good way to provide manuals or tutorials. The only problem is our URLs are so long due to the way the site is generated. To long to easily remember at least.

Introducing Patchbot

Patchbot is a free to add bot that provides a simple index and interface to this website! Once you add the bot it may take a few hours, but you should start seeing new Slash Commands in your guild/server. Below are the current supported commands:

Patchbot Commands

/article list_category category:<category>

This command provides a paginated embed listing all of the articles from this category. The category argument is pre-populated with all categories with at least 1 published article.

/article search category:<category> terms:<string>

This command provides a paginated embed with all articles matching your search term from the provided category. The search checks against title, tags and the article body. The category argument is pre-populated with all categories with at least 1 published article.

If you want you can add Patchbot to your server right now!

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We would much rather be making cool tutorials, streaming code, and making accessibility tools. Unfortunately we have bills and a job. Hopefully one day, with enough Patrons and donations this can be fulltime!


Viv likes to spend its freetime playing all kinds of video games and creating digital art. Some of it's favorite games have been RS: Siege, DOOM Eternal, and Devil May Cry. Viv also enjoys making digital art with it's tablet and Krita, one day we may even post some here!

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Katie is the Social Protector for the Patchwork Collective and the first Part to start communicating with Aster in early 2021. Most of Katie's System Role revolves around handling social situations, work, and dealing with external strangers. Once the internal walls came down Katie quickly found her interests in research, programming, and writing.

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