Build a Discord Bot in Python with Hikari & Tanjun

Learn Hikari & Tanjun!

By Asterisk KatieKat archived so it's time to find a new Discord Bot library for Python! We searched for a few weeks and reviewed multiple projects. By the end Hikari and Tanjun looked most promising to us.

This series will start from scratch and slowly build a Discord Bot all while teaching you the libraries!

Series Index

Support Link

Gitlab Repository for this Pojects Code

All of the code and snippets you see in this series are stored in the above Gitlab. All code is licensed under GPLv2.

Maybax Discord Bot

VEGAS2 Discord Bot

Our personal Discord Bot build in Hikari/Tanjun. Many components and plugins from this series were started here. More hikari and tanjun code examples at least! GPLv2.

Hikari Support Server

If you need more help with Hikari, Tanjun or Lightbulb the support server is great! The devs and community are incredibly friendly.

Hikari Documentation

Tanjun Documentation

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We would much rather be making cool tutorials, streaming code, and making accessibility tools. Unfortunately we have bills and a job. Hopefully one day, with enough Patrons and donations this can be fulltime!



Role: Host Apparently Normal Part

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Pre-2020 Aster consider themself a very neurotypical male. As the COVID pandemic hit it magnified many issues Aster had been able to hide or compensate for. Since diagnosis Aster now tries to use their previous skills with teaching and speaking to help spread education and awareness about DID/OSDD. In their spare time Aster enjoys programming, teaching, and helping build the Official Game Theory Discord.

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Katie is the Social Protector for the Patchwork Collective and the first Part to start communicating with Aster in early 2021. Most of Katie's System Role revolves around handling social situations, work, and dealing with external strangers. Once the internal walls came down Katie quickly found her interests in research, programming, and writing.

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