Discord Bots by Patchwork Collective, coming soon!

VEGAS2 and Maybax are releasing public invites soon!

By Asterisk KatieKat

Get better Bots this Year!

We've been running semi-large Discord Servers (25-32K) for about 7+ years now. Over that time we've tried all the popular bots. All of them had their pros and cons but none ever fit all of our needs. We often ended up having 6+ bots to do all of the things we needed. Then most of them started charging for simple things. So we decided to start a small educational event in our main Discord server to build a bot and teach middle-high school students to program. Unfortunately in 2021 Discord announced that changes to the API caused all old bots to require a rewrite. The original project VEGAS was also affected by this and archived.


In that time our main severs had grown to rely on the old now obsolete VEGAS bot. Instead of going back to finding 6+ bots, we decided just to write VEGAS's spiritual successor ourselves! With that VEGAS2 was born!

VEGAS2 provides all of the general and Moderator utilities you need for a large Discord server. VEGAS2 provides a full web interface and documentation site explaining all of it's features. The web interface allows you to access all the bot settings without any commands and edit most of the bot's data too! Below is a brief overview of some of VEGAS2's modules, but make sure to follow the links for more detailed information and demos!

Check out the Tickets Demo below!


In 2021 we started actively seeking therapy and finally found some answers to why we had been struggling so much of our life. After multiple months we started looking for ways we could make our lives a little easier. We looked into what other people with DID/OSDD were using and found Pluralkit and Tupperbox. Tupperbox wasn't really meant for people with DID/OSDD it was made for roleplaying. Pluralkit was made to help accommodate but it doesn't support much in the way of permissions to disallow people from using it for role-playing, which is not ideal in larger servers. Both bots have extremely long and complicated commands to do everything. Neither are very good options in our opinion, so we decided to fix that.

This lead to Maybax being developed and later this year we will be releasing the bot publicly! Maybax currently features 2 primary parts:

Maybax for Systems

Maybax provides two main functions for people with DID/OSDD, Proxying and System Management.

Maybax provides full proxying features, similar to Tupperbox and Pluralkit. You setup your System and Members with different "indicators" and the bot will proxy messages accordingly. VEGAS2 also provides a /fronting command with Discord Components to help making managing proxies easier! Check out the demo below that shows a simpler way to set a Switch! Instead of everyone remembering all their indicators and cocons, use a DropDown with everyone listed!!

Maybax for Education & Mental Health

Maybax also provides a number of informational commands to help educate and support mental health! The /faq tone provides a searchable list of Tone Indicators and explains how to use them. /faq plurality includes a number of subcommands to explain DID/OSDD splitting, switching, and more! Lastly /faq autism-spectrum-disorder provides a searchable list of ASD related terms and explanations of how they affect real people.

Maybax also provides mental health support commands! Currently the two main features are grounding exercises (3 different versions sourced from medical textbooks and community) and links/numbers to free mental health and emergency support services.

When can I Invite them?

Soon! We mentioned before that the two bots were built built for a single server, changing that to work for multi-server does take a little work. We already have roughly 90% of Maybax converted and 70% of VEGAS2. The last few weeks we took a break to build VEGAS2 and Maybax's new websites, but now we will be refocusing on the projects.

Stay up to date!

We created a mailing list on both webstes if that's your kind of thing. We also created a Discord Support Server called PatchFork Server (because git fork, bad pun sorry) if you have questions or want the most up to date info!

Lastly we created a Patreon! We will be posting plans and taking future feature suggestions through Patreon very soon! Over the last few years we have definitely put in a full-time job making these bots. Even more than that it does cost money for the servers to run the bots. So any donations are always appreciated!

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We appreciate Donations & Tips!

We would much rather be making cool tutorials, streaming code, and making accessibility tools. Unfortunately we have bills and a job. Hopefully one day, with enough Patrons and donations this can be fulltime!



Role: Host Apparently Normal Part

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Pre-2020 Aster consider themself a very neurotypical male. As the COVID pandemic hit it magnified many issues Aster had been able to hide or compensate for. Since diagnosis Aster now tries to use their previous skills with teaching and speaking to help spread education and awareness about DID/OSDD. In their spare time Aster enjoys programming, teaching, and helping build the Official Game Theory Discord.

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Katie is the Social Protector for the Patchwork Collective and the first Part to start communicating with Aster in early 2021. Most of Katie's System Role revolves around handling social situations, work, and dealing with external strangers. Once the internal walls came down Katie quickly found her interests in research, programming, and writing.

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